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Jan. 2nd, 2008

Knitting Hands

Taking the socks for walkies.

When the parents were here, we took a sock in progress and some finished socks for a nice walk around the nearby lake.
The sock in progress wanted to show y'all the bat house.

The completed socks said "if we're hanging out at the lake, we should have a picture at the lake!"

Dec. 5th, 2007

flame retardent

Did y'all see this?!

The winter Knitty is up! Some of you know how the Clapotis shawl took off not too long ago... someone just crossed it with REVERSIBLE freaking CABLES!! *Squee* I'm thinking of making Jeanie with some very special sparky red yarn I bought off a friend. There are some really good looking sock patterns as well this issue, but they kinda got out shined.
Would I be a bad person if I let this get in the way of my Christmas knitting?
Speaking of Christmas knitting. Only a hat and 1.5 socks to go +however many dishcloths I can crank out.

Dec. 3rd, 2007

Knitting Hands

I'm gonna need a spinning icon

wool after second bath, what a difference a little soap makes. (No pictures of baths 3-6). If you're really lucky I'll post pics of wool drying (better than paint! though maybe slower).

Isn't just the prettiest little thing? I used my favorite wood stain, I mean I'm going to be looking at this thing a lot. The double feet makes it 3x easier to control the wheel and thus that much closer to being able to spin mindlessly.

Roving I spun in in LYS to get a feel for new wheel. Blurry, but it really is a lovely, not solid grey. I think I'll be leaning towards spinning finer yarns, I can't see myself making anything out of wool that needs to be washed so any yarn I make will probably go towards shawls (which are already special care for the rare washing so it's not that big of a deal).

Dec. 1st, 2007

Spirited Away

Stasia's little workshop

Washing Grease Wool. First bath (I plan to do this a couple times). *crosses fingers* please don't felt. please don't felt...

My Spinning wheel as of now. Hold your breath. I'm loading it into the box and taking it the yarn store for help with assembly.
Spirited Away

The real first entry for this StasiaBirdKnits

Welcome to the new journal! I'm gradually moving all knitting post over here and deleting them from my other account (So far I've gotten through 2005). I'll have a proper layout set up when I get around to it.
Tonight I went to my first class of my spinning class. My spinning wheel is still spread out on my floor in unassembled pieces drying from the staining and polyurethane, so I had to borrow a wheel for this lesson. Tomorrow, I'll take the wheel over to the yarn store real quick for help with assembly.
Yarn Pirate

"she said i have the attention span of a oh that's a pretty color blue." -jack from will&grace

my RA/roommate from last year is a RA in the grad student dorms this year as she graduated last year. she has to coordinated an event so she asked me to teach a 4 week knitting class. i'll be providing the materials out of the money they'll be PAYING me to teach! it'll be in january. i've already started working on a syllabus. (there will be diagrams...)

May. 22nd, 2007

flame retardent


started making a tank top w/ the yarn i got at yarn works yesterday. went to walmart to get stitch counter & tape measure, ended up getting their last skein of simply soft black, two skeins of simply soft autumn red, and a cross stitch pattern for a DUCK.

Nov. 30th, 2005

Yarn Pirate

"I'd be Gollum's boyfriend"

i'm making a lot of progress on all my knitting projects, but i feel bad because they're all for me. i could be knitting for charity by making the red scarf thing or making stuff for the sale, i should e-mail the people who have offered to commission me to make things for them so i can make money off this crazy obsession of mine but no, i'm selfish. I love how my parents were mildly tolerating of the whole knitting thing up until now (with the constant hinting that it interferes with my HW) but i told my mom about getting paid to teach a class in January and suddenly i'm a "professional knitter" and they're all excited. honesty i wasn't going to tell them b/c i thought they wouldn't approve of me doing one more thing outside of class until my grades improve but now i'm glad i did.

Oct. 6th, 2005

Knitting Hands

(no subject)

finally called alpaca lady about yarn. i was supposed to make her socks but the yarn burns my hands. this upset her. she says they wash it with mild shampoo and it may be that. she's not charging me for the yarn i took out of a skein and put into a ball *WOOT*. i'll send it to her next week.

Sep. 25th, 2005

Finish This Row

Ruffled Skirt cont.

skirt of Masochistic DOOM is more than 11inches now. i'm thinking if i use up all the yarn i have i will actually be able to make it more than 17in long. this makes me happy as it makes wearing shorts underneath all the more easy. i think it looks really good. there will be a picture when i'm finally done.

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