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Jul. 12th, 2010


Gloves. My first gloves with fingers?

Finished a pair of gloves finally that I had started winter of '08 for my then running buddy, Kat.
When I saw her all the time it was an easy thing to just have her try on the gloves as I went but then I moved and I had to get all number-y to make the gloves exactly the same and make sure they fit. Which apparently turns a project from fun and quick to hiding in the bottom of my knitting box for a year. Finally finished this past may. Modeled here by Kat's roommate who came to visit me in May so I sent the gloves back with her and I hear they fit great.
Yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted Multi in Jay Pond.
Yarn Pirate

I like money, and knitting too

Finished the commission for co-worker, without knowing it I managed to give it to him his last day before he quit for another job.
This was months ago and I had thought that I mentioned the plotting for it here.
This is the Lamar Hat
Named after the commissioner. Was going to put a bill on it but yeah... that didn't happen.
Had to re-do the top at least 4 times because it wouldn't stay flat like I wanted so I finally caved and decided that I can make it flat and circular easier with crochet so I just did that and picked up stitches from the crocheted edge and knit down in a tube in the pattern I wanted. which also meant I knit the body of the hat twice, but the first time it was also too big so I would have needed to do that anyway.
Penguin is my hat model, and a great job he does too.

Sep. 24th, 2009


Magic Circle Cast On for Knit

Guys! I did a knitting tutorial vid! A friend suggested that I shoot it again with yarn that isn't as bright and that I went off camera accidentally once, which I agree with. Does anyone else have suggestions for reshooting this? Any requests for more tutorials?

Sep. 10th, 2008


"I've always thought of odd numbers as being feminine."-Farfy

Spent most of my day today tabling/advertising for the knitting club on campus. Whee.
I'll have to rip out everything I did in the last week on the Pretty in Not Pink tank top. I can get it on and I could just line the boob-age part. but honestly it just doesn't look good to me as stretched out as the pattern wants it to be.
The fall knitty is up! Norah Gaughan (author of Knitting Nature) totally has my number. I see her patterns sometimes and, without knowing she designed them, I gasp in joy at the cleverness.

Aug. 5th, 2008


Cherie Amour

I've been meaning to blog about this for awhile now. This was supposed to have sleeves according to the pattern. But I have a short attention span and I decided to not force myself to make the sleeves, I live in a exceedingly warm place I don't need sleeves. The project kind of lost the thrill of the chase for me towards the end of the body. The lace pattern never really became automatic, but it wasn't complicated enough to hold my attention so I ended up doing something completely different about halfway through that just has holes in the right places. Normally that would drive me crazy, but it would seem that in bulky black yarn I could care less.

I still have quite a bit of the yarn I used left , discontinued Kool Wool, and I vaguely remember offering to make a much thinner friend a smaller version of this.

I felt so incredibly cool that day at school. The new black over shirt/ sweater vest whatever, I made it. That crystal bracelet I'm wearing, I made it. The purse I was carrying ( Via Diagonale), I made it.

In my history class this summer my friend who sits in front of me works on filing down her new metal castings. I'm not above admitting that I was trying really, really hard to out do her the day I wore all of this to class. She was kind enough to take this picture for me :D Wait, she does photography too?! Time to break out the underwater basket weaving!

Jun. 4th, 2008

flame retardent

Unusual Project for a Knitter

Mom went to the hardware store and got the supplies a few days ago. Today, Dad and I built a lace blocking frame! I'll post pics when I can get someone to load them off the parents' camera. I've still got to put about 50 nails in to wrap strings around for blocking but it's almost done. This icon chosen because we nearly started fires several times in the process of building the frame.
Not only is the blocking frame almost done but today I finished the knitting on the Mystic Light Shawl. You're pictures of the blocking frame with probably have Mystic Light being blocked on it (and you non-Knitters reading this blog will have a better idea of what I'm talking about).

May. 28th, 2008


Demands on a knitter by her projects

Some knitting is content to stay at home the entire relationship, maybe watch a DVD, a late night or two, just generally content in its own complexity that it doesn't need to be treated out in order to feel special.
Some knitting is more demanding, expecting walks, movies, dinners out with your friends, public displays of progress, and some even crave education alongside their knitter.
Socks and scarves especially tend to fall in this later category.
But there is a category of knitting that is more demanding still, the famous "traveling sock" is one of these. They require special locations where you don't take your "other knitting", to be entertained dramatically and constantly, and at some strategic point to become the center of attention for all involved in the trip knitter and non-knitter and non-tourist alike.
My mom's neighbor bestowed on me yarn that was to become one of the most demanding socks in progress that I have ever worked with.
This particular sock has demanded vacation with my family, Shakespearian theater, sightseeing, high tea, and a host of other refined and exciting treatments.
This is one picture of the sock that I have so far. I'll keep you posted as the pictures and adventures come in.

Apr. 28th, 2008



Since my mother won't let me have blue hair at a family wedding, I quickly knit up an adorable snood. I'm hoping that a cute hair covering will convince her to let me just hide my hair rather than having to cut the blue off. If not, I've lost nothing cause this thing is freaking cute and very comfy. First Snood

Mar. 18th, 2008

Spirited Away

I really have been up to stuff

I've started a new blankie, made fun ice-cream yarn on my spinning wheel, finished a Jayne hat, finished a lacy scarf thing, worked on half a dozen socks, and started another lace project.
Where are pictures of all this you may ask? I am temporarily out of a camera, it was confiscated or something when I took it in my check baggage on a plane :( Though my last camera was really old, as digital cameras go, and kinda broken so I guess a new one was probably in order.

Jan. 27th, 2008

Knitting Hands

Knitting angst produces mittens

I was working for awhile on a shawl for a friend's birthday (no pictures until it's done), but then got to the point when I was going to change colors. The second color/yarn I picked out was a worsted weight while the rest is sock weight. Until I had the second yarn wound into a skein ready to start the second section, I didn't think about the two weights being a problem. Then after the advice of _purple_raven_ and rapunzellelafee  agreed with me (I gotta make sure I'm not paranoid sometimes), I decided that the birthday shawl is going to have to wait until I can get more sock weight yarn.
With the yarn that I was going to use I've started a quick new project.
First Mittens
Pattern is WWII Mittens #211 by Bucilla Yarn
More details on Ravelry.

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